Precal B

if you are in Mr Agulilera and Redding’s  class please click HERE

if you are in my class, this time everyone takes the same FINAL

i’d like for you to take your time to do it. do not get help, this is a very good opportunity for you to find out how well prepare you are for the in-class final. if you score better in the in the in-class final than in the online, i will double your in-class score; however, if the opposite happens, i will keep both scores as they are.

please, take advantage of this opportunity. good luck. Final is due next monday may 30th

2 thoughts on “Precal B

  1. the link to your final via email leads to a 50 question fianl, yet the link on your website leads to a 40 question final. I already did half of the 50 question final yesterday. Which final is the final you want me to take?

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