Algebra 2A


How to calculate your version number? Follow the example:  my kid was born October 26, 2006, then his number is 10+26+2006=2042 which will equal 2+0+4+2= 8 so his version number will be 8, now try your b-day. Only take version 10 if you b-day adds to 10. if your b-day adds up to 13, 22, 27,…keep adding until you get a single digit number.

Version 1                          Version 2                                          Version 3                                 Version 4                           Version 5                Version 6                          Version 7                                          Version 8                                  Version 9                          Version 10

If you are in Mr. Wilson’s class, please use test version 1

you are running out of time…. 1 hour left ……no excuses, i have been answering every email and question you have….

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