WEEK 7 (Feb 21-24)

Class:                       Tu/2/21     Wd2/22             Tr 2/23       Fr 2/24

Geometry B:    Ch9 test           Areas1                 Areas2     CSTs(1-3)

Precal B:            Ch8 test            polar1                 polar2       polar3

Algebra2B:       hyperb2          hyperb3              parab1       parab2

Geometry A:  Ch3 test            Ch3 OLtest          Congruency


13 thoughts on “WEEK 7 (Feb 21-24)

  1. The time machine in Back to the Future operated on the basis of electricity. The time machine required 1.2 gigawatts of power to operate through time after the car reaches 88mph. That power is achieved through plutonium in the first film and at the end of the first one, through a lightning storm. That power is equivalent to the output of a water powered nuclear power plant in a day. It is the power created by this 1.2 gigawatts that propelled the time machine through time to exactly the day, month, year and time of day from the year 0000 to the year 9999.

  2. is this (That power is achieved through plutonium in the first film and at the end of the first one, through a lightning storm. That power is equivalent to the output of a water powered nuclear power plant in a day) a fact or is this said in the movie?

    • that is a fact based on what 1.2 gigawatts being equivalent to 1,210,000,000 watts which is actually approximately the output of a single pressurized water reactor at a nuclear power plant.

  3. I am really tempted to just take ario’s comment and paste it here, but this is what I wrote: Doc has to generate 1.21 gWs (gigawatts) of power using a lightning bolt when the clock tower is struck and he showed Marty how to do it on a scale model that he had made.

  4. Hi lopez, the answer to the back to the future question is that: to attain the ability to travel through time, we would need 1.21 gigawatts. Although, we are unable to achieve the ability to do so because there has yet to be an invention that allows the ability to convert the ennergy of (for example) a lightning bolt into movement within an instant. Even if it we possible to do so, you would be only be able to travel forward, and you woudnt be able to travel to your choosing. So overall we could never truly build a time machine to move backwards, or travel to the time you want it to because there isn’t a technology in present day that will alow us to travel using the energy of 1.21 gigawatts at a spacific point of time.

  5. Does it count if I blog a question for the hw assigned?

    If it does I do not understand how to get the angle when the radians given is greater than 2pie; for example in problem 33 on page 580!

    • I think you need to find the relative (i think its called that??) angle to the one over 2pie. For instance, 7pie/6 is the same as pie/6, or and other 30degree radian equivalent. if you are looking at a negative radius, you reflect it, or turn it 180degrees. For instance if you had (-2, 7pie/6). First you would find pie/6 and then move 2 in the opposite direction, if that makes sense.

    • Are u refering to the train, or the deloren, if ur talking about the deloren, it had the energy it just ran out of gas, so they couldn’t get to 88 mph, so they got the train to 88 mph pushing thr deloren in front of it. If ur referring to deoc and his family in the time traveling train, he probably built a new flux compositor waited for lightning and didn’t reguire the car to travel 88 mph(which he chose to do that for fun as he said in the first one).one he was in the future he had the tech to change the regular train time machine to a flying train time machine.

  6. When turning (r, angle) into (x, y) and the angle isn’t divisible by 30, 45, 60, or 90, what do you do ? An example would be pg. 580 number 52. And what if the angle is a decimal ? Ex: pg. 580 number 54. I’m so confused 😦

  7. for those problems you’ll need the calculator .
    52: r=-3.1 and the angle is 182 degrees// all you have to do is plug in to formula and use your calculator to simplify. make sure you have it under degrees and not radians.
    for 54: solve as you did 52, but this time change your setting to radians.

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