Week 8 (Feb 27-March 2)

______________Monday    Tuesday      Wednesday  Thursday       Friday

Geometry B:           Special       Formulas    _____    trapezoids      trap hw

PrecalB:                    polar4        polar 5          polgrph1     polrgrph2

Algebra2B:            conics1        conics2         quad sys         Review         CONICS TEST

Geometry A:        More  Congruent      Triangles


If you want, you can post a question from the homework  as part of  your comments. The person who answers your question (or the best response if multiple ), will get the credit.  Precal topic: Are polar projections (such maps) related to polar graphing?

One thought on “Week 8 (Feb 27-March 2)

  1. Oh yea, I found out that the language that you can make the 3D structures in is Python. It’s uses are very widespread and include things like: scripting, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and has a lot to do with operating systems and security systems.

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