WEEK 9 ( 3/05-09/2012)

__________Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday  Thursday       Friday

Geo  B          polygonsa      polyhw              arcsectors     AREAS QUIZ

Precal B      DMoivreth    vect0rs1          vectors2          vectors3        Polar quiz

Alg  2B        poly a             polyeqnb         polyeqnc          polyrts            Ch11 Quiz

GEOMETRY A :     O N  L I N E       M  I  D  T  E  R  M

NOTE: Geo B: you can start your ch11 quiz now.

7 thoughts on “WEEK 9 ( 3/05-09/2012)

  1. HEY LOPEZ! HEY HEY MR. LOPEZ GUESS WHAT! HEY! IM DOING MY HOMEWORK! I HARDLY EVER DO MY HOMEWORK! BUT IM DOING IT NOW! YEAH! FIESTA! I’m gonna make you proud, lopez. you’ll see. you’ll look at my test scores and shed a tear and give me a hug even though it’s illegal and say “Jessica, I am so proud of you” but in spanish.

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