Week 10 (march 12-16)

___________  Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday

G E O   B               ratios     mdterm rev      GEO B MIDTRM          TESTING

PRE CAL  B                mdtrm rev           M I D T E R M    B

A L G  2B            polyfxs              inverses              MIDTERM B           TESTING

G E O    A                                                    parallelograms        TESTING

NOTE: If you submit by 8:00 pm, you’ll get your results before 10:00pm.

8 thoughts on “Week 10 (march 12-16)

  1. Hi mr lopez I submitted my test during fourth period while I was in yearbook. It didn’t give me a percentage though. Just want to make sure you got my test!

    Lexi period 3

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