CST’s Review Questions and answers.

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CST61    CST62   CST63   CST64   CST65   CST66

4 thoughts on “ALGEBRA 2B

  1. I have a discrepancy with the videos. number 4 is:

    Suppose you want to prove that for every positive integer n, 3 is a factor of n3 + 14n. To construct the proof, you should first observe that 3 is a factor of which of the following numbers?

    But in the video it shoes a systems question.

    • If you check the section under induction,
      the first step tells you to show that the formula works for the first term. in other words for n=1.
      hence, if you plug in 1 for n in the formula you’ll find out that the answer is 15.

    • the videos do not correspond to your test, they correspond to the worksheet you got from your teacher two weeks ago

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