14 thoughts on “’bout that x-credit?

    • the video was about how math makes people feel more confident and smart but reality tv is teaching people that looking good is more important than being smart

  1. the video is about math how is can make a person confident and makes them really smart and its not all about t.v people think that t.v will make them smart and confident

  2. the video was about how math can make you feel confident inside and out. It was saying that just because reality today for girls is looks, doesn’t mean you cant be smart at the same time.

  3. not only in math but being smart in general will increase your confidence and other outlooks in life. beauty is within and intelligence helps bring that beauty to the outside.

  4. The message the video was trying to get accross was that in general math can help you in life. Wether it’s physically or intellectually. If you do math then your brain will get stronger your and the more confident you’ll feel. Inside and out. Math can help you make correct deductions in life. Math is beautiful.

  5. Being smart and intellectual will benefit you in many ways. It increases your overall confidence which then radiates your beauty in a physical form.

    • i will say that everyone’s goal in life in life is to be respected. the best way to accomplish that, in my opinion, is through knowledge: the more you know the more people respect you.

  6. agree with with what she says because it is true the more you know the more better you look wether you are drop dead gorgeous or see yourself as a normal person knowing math will make you shine brighter.

    • melissa, first of all, i’ll like to tell you that i feel proud of you. i have noticed a change in your attitude and willingness. Second, i’m glad you think this way, now i hope you do your best to complement your good looks. remember a beautiful mind in a healthy body.

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