Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.                                                                                                                                                  
Bill Gates

Can you spend a full day offline?

For a 2 extra credit points, please answer one or more of the following questions:                                             

what are your technology habits? are they good? if not, what are you doing to change them?

Do you really need more than one computer? and iPhone (4, 4s, 5)? a smart phone? a tablet?

You can also comment on activities you do so that you can detox from technology?




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  1. my technology habits are pretty bad. i spend hours on the computer and itouch. i do try to change them but it ends up with me spending more time on them.

    • i don’t know what my life would be without technology. i feel that i am to addicted to my phone and my computer. i should start spending more time outside and find a better way to do something with my life.

  2. My technology habits include going on tumblr or Facebook every other day when I get bored. I use my iPod to communicate with y friends, FaceTime, and instagram. Sometimes these habits are good because it’s a way to expand socializing but it could also get people addicted to using the Internet and technology. There’s a difference between being connected and being hooked to it.

      • My brother was on your website and told me that you had this E.c opportunity so I went on. And actually I can.. When I don’t have Internet at my dads or grandmas house I can survive.. But since I don’t have a cellphone, this is how I text.

  3. My technology habits aren’t good. I constantly catch myself either on my phone of the computer. I try limiting myself to how much I use my phone and computer to make my technolog habits better.

  4. I think my technology habbits are okay. I don’t spend all day on my laptop, I’m trying to stop using it, the only thing I really use is my phone to text to my friends and go on instagram/other apps.

  5. I don’t think it’s necessary to have more the one computer or iPhone or anything like that…they all do the same job, just in different sizes. Although, i am being hypocritical because i have an iPhone and a computer. It’s mainly an issue of if it’s portable or not. It’s more difficult to carry around a laptop than a computer.

  6. I do spend a lot of time on my iPod and computer. I have some good and bad habits. I use my computer to learn new things and help me with school but can also be on Facebook, Twitter, and other time consuming things as well. Activities I do to detox from technology are working out and practicing Martial Arts.

  7. My internet habits change from time to time. It can be bad sometimes; keeping me from studying. I’ve been trying to limit the hours on my computer. Some activities I do to detox is read, study, hang out wit friends, etc.

  8. My technology habits are really bad lately! i think summer is what gets me addicted because during summer you don’t have anything better to do so using technology/social networks becomes a habit and then it interferes into school. Not saying technology is bad but it can get in the way of more important things. I honestly think i can live without my phone for my day if you test me. My phone dies on me all the time anyways so ive kinda already “gone a day without it”

  9. I rely too much on technology. I spend at least a couple hours a day on my computer and phone. There for I think that I have bad technology habits. So far, I haven’t done much to change these habits, but this post has got me thinking about them now and I will change these habits. I will do so by putting restrictions on how long I can use my computer (i.e no computer after 4:30pm) I do think it is important to still have smart phones because you can’t always have a computer handy with you if you need to look something up.

  10. I spend a lot of time on my IPhone and computer. I spend a lot of time on my computer on my phone everyday. They are pretty bad habits. I usually go on facebook and youtube a lot just to like entertain myself and im usually on the computer for a couple of hours a day. Somethings i do to stop these habits is to play basketball or just chill wiht my brother in his room.
    You dont really need more than one computer because everyone can pretty much do all the work you need on one computer and i feel that if every family had one computer people wouldnt be on so much becasue you need to share
    The things i do to detox from my technological habits are to play basketball, hang out wiht my brother, go out, or just hang out with friends

  11. My technology habits are okay right now. I try not to spend hours on the computer or a long time texting my friends. But sometimes you get into it and spend hours online or text your friends a lot. What I could do to fix my technology habits a little bit are to try to not get distracted by technology and spend a long time on facebook, youtube or chatting with my friends online. Some things I do to detox from technology are hanging out with friends, and reading.

  12. My technology habits are not very good because when I come home I spend most of my time on the computer. I sometimes stay up late on the computer which makes me sleep deprived. To fix my habits, I can choose to spend less time on the computer and more time reading or doing something else. I don’t think people need more than one computer because it can do everything you need. You only need one phone, and I don’t really thing tablets are useful because they are just small computers. I can detox from technology by turning off my computer and just reading, exercising, or hanging out with other people.

  13. My technology habits are ok; I try not to spend too much time on the computer. However, it is hard because a lot of my schoolwork requires the use of the internet. So, on school days I have to use the computer every day to complete my homework. I try to shorten this amount of time as much as possible. I do use my phone a lot though. I guess what time I don’t spend online, I spend on my phone. To fix this, I can simply use my phone less. This will undoubtedly help me to make more efficient use of my time.

  14. my technology habits are kind of bad i tend to spend a lot of my time on the comouter when i shouldn’t be i should be spending my time going over school work but instead im on the computer. I try not to stay on the computer for a long time i try to limit my time. Also i try not to text people when i am doing my hw it distracts me thats what i try to do to limit the technology

  15. My technology habits are not the best. When it comes time to do homework, I sit on the computer browsing through the internet for an hour. Instead of playing on my computer i could have finished at least one of my homework assignments. i try to control myself from going on facebook or twitter because then i just can be on the internet for hours. to fix my problem i should do my homework first and if i finish my homework i should get a book to read.i dont think you need more than one computer. a computer has everything that a phone has. so it is really not that necessary.

  16. My technology habits are good. I do not use the computer unless I really need to. I find it much more fun to be outside and doing something else. Occasionally I do go on Facebook and chat with friends that I have not seen in a very long time. I do not think that I need more than one computer. If you are going somewhere and need internet access why not just take your laptop. Although phones now have wifi and you can access the internet through those. I normally play a sport to keep me away from the computer.

  17. My technology habits are pretty good. I only use the computer for homeowrk and sometimes for pleasure. I tend to stay away from it as much as possible by staying active and enjoying other activities. But i do get distracted by things on the internet and i try really hard to stay focused, but it is hard. But i try not to use the computer for like more than 6 hours.

  18. My technology habits are not so bad. I can go days without using the internet because there is too much drama on socail networks but i do use facebook at times but its boring. I use the internet for homework and music. My phone always comes in handy though.

  19. My technology habits are I love texting and going on instagram a lot…. when j dont have a phone im not like super crazy or freak out. I love my phone I love talking to my friends but in reality I only text one person and im with him everyday so if im phoneless its no big deal. I dont need an iPhone or iPad or any of it. I was always raised with not having all the fancy technology so im usto it im grateful for what I have and underatand my family is going through poverty. I practice everyday anyways. . . Technology will alwayd be there!

  20. one of my favorite things to do using technology is too create music. i use fl studio 10 and i think its a good habit because i wanna get into the music business, and this if anything is giving me a head start. i find it so fascinating because i do not need to learn how to play instruments, yet i can use all instruments to create music on this program.

  21. My technology habits are technically balance; sometimes technology takes over most of my time because I am to deep in gaming and I am trying to balance this out in my life. I am trying to play less games and to try studying more for the classes I am struggling.

  22. I don’t think every household should have more than one computer. I think it’s unnecessary because computers are most commonly used for leisure activities. Smart phones are probably the most unnecessary advanced technology people have. Smart phones, like computers, are popular because of leisure activities. Compared to a regular phone, a smart phone has several options that the average person does not need. Although there are many negative side effects to technology, the idea of having so many things at your finger tips can be very addicting.

  23. my technology habits are not the best because i feel like i can do more productive things than be on Facebook for hours; i am working on changing them by joining the cross country team.

  24. my technology habits are bad but getting better. in order to improve them, i have been turning off my phone and computer and putting them in another room while i am working on homework. by doing this, there is not as much as a distraction while you are trying got focus on school and your grades.

  25. My technology habits are bad outside of school. If I don’t want to do my homework, I’ll focus on my computer and iphone. During school I don’t use my phone a lot but I always have it on me. I’m trying to improve them by setting a time for homework when I don’t have my phone or computer in the room.

  26. I think that every household needs more than one computer, but in some cases more than one computer can be one too many. A situation where there should be more than one computer in a household is when there are multiple family members in the household who need to accomplish school work on the computer or do work from the office or make presentations for work. While having more than one computer is becoming more of a necessity, having an iPhone, smart phone, or a tablet is a luxury because these technologies are simply the same designs as computers except they are handheld devices that can be taken anywhere.

  27. My technology habits are pretty bad…I’m on my computer and phone A LOT. I’m trying to change them by doing more stuff and leaving my phone inside.

  28. My technology habits are not that bad. I don’t spend any time on Facebook or any similar social website. I do surf the internet to get information for classes and will view videos on You Tube. I also use Netflix on a regular basis. All in all I do not spend much of my day on the internet. As for telephone, i do have a cell phone but rarely use it. I usually only talk to my parents on the phone.

  29. my technology habits are not that bad, i spend about 1 to 1 hours a day on the computer, of which is used for school work, i use the computer for fun, but thats usually on friday or the weekends. however i plan to change this, i plan on limiting myself more the weekends becasue on the weekends i use technology such as my computer and my game console frequently. i plan to limit myself to 4 hours a day on the weekend so that i can concentrate on studying material for school that will be upcoming in the next week

  30. My technology habits are pretty okay I feel; I used to go on the computer and the phone a lot more but recently they have just bored me somehow so I don’t use them as much unless I need to. I guess what changed them was just that I found more productive things to spend my time on. I think if you need more than one computer in a shared household (e.g: your mother needs the computer for work and you need it for school at the same time), then yes it is necessary. One person does not need more than one iPhone, phone in general, computer, or tablet, but if it’s something they like using and that won’t distract them, I don’t see a point in not letting them have it. To detox from technology I mostly just go out with my friends or go outside and look at everything else to remind myself of nature and ground myself.

  31. My technology habits are better than before; I used to constantly be on the computer and on my ipod 24/7, non-stop. I kinda had an addiction to them, but now I spend less time on the computer and my ipod because it distracts me from school. I think its necessary to have more than one computer in a household depending on the number of people in the family. For example in my family we only use one laptop for everyone to use. We don’t need more than one computer. Also, one person doesn’t need more than one iphone, ipad, etc., because it is a distraction. To detox from technology, I usually just go out with the family and go hiking, running, or other physical activities that involve the outdoors.

  32. People do not need all the new technology that is available to them, but society has affected people so that once they are accustomed to new technology, they can’t live without it. No one really needs an iPad, iPhone 5, iPod, laptop, computer, PDA, and every gaming console available, but almost every American owns each product, but they make reasons such as “well i have data on a certain laptop” or “I need one computer for business and one for other uses”. The human race has become dependent on technology.

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