Algebra 2A/Precalculus A TEST

This is your first online ch test. Make sure that you:

a) write your name, email, and student ID (for students ID use your class period),

b) submit only once and on time, and

c) check your email Tuesday night.

Your test is due Wednesday 8:00 am.  No excuses!!!

Click HERE to access Algebra 2A

Click HERE to access Precalculus A

alg 2 ch2 test

2 thoughts on “Algebra 2A/Precalculus A TEST

  1. Lopez! I don’t get the homework, and I’m gonna cry. can we go over it tomorrow and have the web assign be due Tuesday?

  2. Hey mr.lopez it’s justin from period 5 I wanted to check with you about the online test from 8/26/13 I remember doing it however it was the one where the link was no good correct? On another note I was wondering if you can help me with a problem that looks like 4-|x-3| >4 What is the first step?

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