Pre calc Project

Please read the following email. Explain what STEM is, then share your ideas. Remember,the goal is to win…

Dear Mr. Lopez,

I wanted to let you know about a school competition my company is sponsoring called Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.  It’s a video contest for public middle and high schools that awards over $2 million in technology, plus other additional prizes, to winning schools throughout the United States.  I’m the ambassador for the state of California, where I’m trying to let teachers know about the program.

From now until October 31st, we are accepting applications from teachers in all disciplines representing grades 6-12, and there’s no limit to the number of teachers that can enter from each school.  Prizes will be awarded at each stage of the competition, from the 255 State Finalists to the final Five National Winners.  Entrants must answer a few, simple questions about their school and STEM education at  One school per state will win a technology kit to produce a video addressing the challenge, “Show how STEM can be applied to help improve your local community.”  National Winners will receive $140,000 in technology and prizes, and a trip to Washington, D.C. for a celebratory event.

The full contest rules and additional information are posted at: .  You’ll also be able to see examples of videos from previous winning schools.   As a former student of yours, i truly encourage you to consider registering for the contest

Best Regards

,Ambassador for California

– Samsung Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung Electronics America

5 thoughts on “Pre calc Project

  1. S.T.E.M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. First, we must fill out an application discussing how we would utilize the technology in Lopez’s class. Five teachers in the 50 states + DC will be chosen to further share their ideas, and will be rewarded with two Samsung Galaxy Tabs. 51 state winners are chosen to receive tech kits in order to produce a video. 15 schools will be chosen to pitch their ideas in front of an expert panel of judges. Five of those schools will win prize packages and will be invited to an “awards ceremony” in Washington, D.C.

    Possible Ideas:
    -Discuss the visual aspects of Math Analysis– how seeing more exact, straight drawings can enhance a student’s learning process (as opposed to Lopez’s wonderful sketches)
    -Discuss how organized notes that are posted online daily can allow students to pay more attention to the actual teaching method, rather than trying to get all the material down on paper
    -Discuss how getting more acquainted with technology will allow the state to begin doing Standardized and AP testing on ipads/computers, thus saving paper, preserving the environment, and taking a major step forward.

  2. Samsung is looking for participants to help teach Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to children of all ages. The objective of this project is to present how we, as a class, can use technology that is readily available to us to teach STEM. In our class we don’t have many pieces of technology, however, we do have some pieces of equipment that are vital to any class. Mr. Lopez has a real-time camera that can be projected to the whiteboard. This enables us to interact easier with the instructor. Secondly, the idea of notes being posted online, as stated above, is a great idea. This doesn’t infer that we wouldn’t take notes in class; it would help us review when we arrive home. I also like the idea of online tests/quizzes because when there is no time limit I feel much less rushed to complete the assignment and because of this, I would get a better grade.

  3. Samsung is aiming to improve education by giving schools across the U.S. the opportunity to raise interest in Science, Technology, Engineering ,and Math (STEM) subjects among students by awarding their schools with a share of over $2 million* in technology. Samsung came up with a contest called Solve for Tomorrow to foster more enthusiasm in STEM education. Together with industry and NGO partners, the Solve for Tomorrow contest uses technology as a motivator to raise awareness and interest in STEM learning among teachers and students. Samsung hopes to foster student interest in these subjects and illustrate the power of applying that knowledge to practical, real-world issues.
    In my classroom, I’d apply this program in my classroom by:
    1) Rather than using confusing graphing calculators in my class, I’d prefer to use the new “Graphing Apps” available on smart phones. The app is very useful and easy to understand. If every person in the class was able to use this app on an electronic device during class, we could all be graphing with the same technology and it would be very fun!
    2) I also agree with the idea of putting notes online. Although taking notes in class is helpful, having the notes online could be an easy refresher before a test, without having to bring a notebook home. In addition, if I am absent one day, then I would not have to bother a friend for the notes!
    3) With more classroom supplies being modernized, It would reduce the abundant use of paper which is inevitably hurting the environment. We could put tests on ipads, rather than putting them on paper. In addition, I’d be much more enthusiastic to take a test if it was on an electronic device!

  4. Samsung is trying to encourage kids to be interested in S.T.E.M. subjects (science, technology, engineering, and math). If our school is a winner of this contest, we would get money for new technology for our school. If everything were to be shown through technology, notes for example would be much easier to get access too. People who are absent can stay caught up with the subjects that were taught that day if the notes and lesson plan were posted electronically and accessible to the student. All this technology would also save a lot of paper and help the environment, and may even motivate kids who are so technologically dependent to stay interested and focused on what they’re studying. For example, accessing online tests/quizzes is very easy and I think it personally helps me study as I have as much time and I can use sources to check my answers and get all the help I need. Technology used for learning I think would be very beneficial to our school.
    If our school got chosen, we’d have to make a video to emphasize how much technology would help in the classroom. It would be beneficial to have this technology to show accuracy of graphs, and save time from writing on the whiteboard. Personally, I’m always more focused in class with technologically advanced devices being used because I think it makes it more interesting, so if we can get these devices in our schools, it would be helpful to students and teachers.

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