Pre calc

Dora wants to build a rectangular corral for her horse. Three sides of the corral be wooden fencing. The wall of the canyon will form the forth side.  Dora has 200ft of fencing and wants to build the largest corral possible.

a. Express the area as a function of the width.  Is A(w) a quadratic function?

b. Graph (post a pic) A(w). What values of w and l maximize the corral’s area? What is the maximum area?

c.  suppose Dora’s corral does not have to be rectangular. Does the corral  whose dimensions you found in part (b) still have the maximum possible area?

6 thoughts on “Pre calc

  1. A. A(w) =x(200-2x), Yes
    B. IDK how to post a picture. l=50ft, and w=100ft. A = 5000 square feet
    C. Yes, because if it were a triangle it would be 4330 square feet, and if it were a square it would be 4444 square feet

  2. A(w)=w(200-2w) A(w) is a function
    b.w=100ft l=50 area =5000
    c. no if it were a triangle the max area would be smaller.

  3. A) A(w) is a quadratic function, A(w)= w(200-2w)
    B) w=100ft, L=50ft, A(w)=5000ft squared
    C) Yes, because if the triangle was squared it would still be bigger, there for having the maximum squared feet be bigger.

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