Algebra 2 /precalc


Define asymptotes, both vertical and horizontal. How are vertical asymptotes related to the domain? Why are asymptotes usually graphed as dashed lines?


Explain how to find the area of the given triangle.  After solving that, find a general formula. That is to say, make the two sides variables as well as the angle, use x and y for the sides and z for the angle. Be creative, remember that if everything fails…draw triangles.

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3 thoughts on “Algebra 2 /precalc

  1. Vertical aymptotes are vertical lines that equal x=constant that a curve aproaches when heading to infinity or negitive infinity.
    Horizontal asymptotes are horizontal lines that equal y =contant that curves when heading to infinity or negative infinity.

    The value of the vertical asymptotes are the domain.

    They are usually graphed dashed because they do not equal that number.

  2. A= x•y•sin z’/2

    You have your given and then you use sin since you have the hyp and opp not needing the adj. You would get sin ø= opp/hyp and you would have to have to solve for a getting ysinz’ = a. Plug it back Into the formula and you get the answer above

  3. Vertical Asymptotes are vertical lines which correspond to the zeroes of the denonimator of a rational function. Horizontal asymptotes are what determine the behavior far off to the sides of the graph. Vertical asymptotes are related to the domain because the vertical line goes through the domain. They are usually graphed as dashed lines because it becomes a border so that it would differ from the line.

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