6 thoughts on “Algebra 2A

  1. If questions 9,17, and 18 of the chapter 2 test could be gone over, it would be greatly appreciated because I did the problems 3+ times and I still couldn’t find an answer.

    • Hi Aliyah,
      9. 4 – |2x+5| < 1 (there is a line under the inequality (<): What you want to do is put the absolute value first in the equation, so it turns out to look like: – |2x+5| – 4 -1. And then from there you would add the four to both sides: |2x+5| > 3. And then from there you would graph the inequality.
      The same type of process to solve this expression would be the same process to solve number 17. 🙂

  2. If someone understood number(s): 1, 10, 12, 19, 23, 26, and 27; please explain to me how to solve them because I really didn’t understand them.

    • Hey Madi,
      For #1, you have to add -2/5 on both sides which makes the equation 1/2x > 2/5 + 3/1 but you have to make the denominators common so you would multiply 3*5 and 1*5 to make it 2/5 + 15/5 which equals 17/5. After that, you have to get x alone so you multiply each side by 2 and simplifies the equation down to x>34/5 and since you can’t divide it to a whole number, you keep it as a fraction and graph it with a open circle pointing to the right.
      Hoped this helped 🙂

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